Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did you say Christmas?!

Yeah, I know...It's not even December and I said the C-word. It's hard not to think about Christmas though when around my birthday I was already seeing Xmas decorations and hearing carols in stores (my birthday is in August) AHHHHHH! Here are some cuppies I did today, festive, huh? :)

First of is my mothers kitchen...if she had seen it like this it would have been off with my head (i like her kitchen more than mine!!!)

And here is what the frosting looked like in the bowl! MMMmMm

Dual-Coloured cupcakes (I can do this with any couple or triple colours, no problem!)

Frosting and Jimmies (xmas style)

M&M style!!

Circular flat sprinkles.

Chocolate covered expresso beans

Hersheys Kiss =]

Multi-coloured icing w/jimmies

Xmas Assortment =]

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