Sunday, March 8, 2009

My goodness, where has the time gone!!!

I went through my camera today to upload a bunch of photos that I took of an order I had for today and I realized I had some photos from Halloween and Christmas that I forgot/neglected to put up!!! So lucky you, in addition to the Poker themed cupcakes that I had an order for for my customer's suprise birthday party for her husband, you get some back photos! Woooohoo! =]

Card suit's cupcakes! Red Velvet cake with cute toppers I got from ABC Cakes in Orange.

Some Black/White cupcakes =]

"artistic" shot.

My Mini Xmas Tree with handmade cupcake ornaments! =]

ANNNNNDDDDDD who could forget Halloween!

And some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for you =]

ENJOY!!!! And have a great St. Pattys day ;)